Now available: Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV is perfect for sports viewing

When it comes to NFL fans, there are generally two types – those who count down the days until the next season and those who already know when it is. Either way, there is no denying that excitement builds around what the next season will bring. Having a great TV to watch NFL action is crucial, and Samsung’s Frame TV is one of the best for watching sports.

Currently on sale during Samsung’s Discover Event, the most popular size is the 55″ Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV for $1,400 (down from $1,500). Those looking to size up can save even more with the 65″ Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV priced at $1,700 (down from $2,000) or opt for the 75″ Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV for $2,200 (down from $3,000), perfect for football party-ready viewing.

What makes Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV special is the stunning combination of style and technology. When not in use, it displays art, making it an excellent option for those who don’t want an unsightly TV in their home. The innovative matte, anti-glare technology only adds to its appeal, making it an NFL fan’s dream come true.

Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV also features a slim one connect box and one invisible connection for easy installation, and cords out of sight while you’re gaming. The Frame TV is a bestseller among sports fans and well deserving of being included in the Hall of Fame, making it an essential addition to any home.

During Samsung’s Discover Event, you can also shop for Samsung 5 smartwatches, computers, electronics, and even refrigerators. But for sports fans, these Samsung “The Frame” deals are a must. The Frame TVs now sold by Samsung offer a range of sizes to suit any aesthetic, from the 43″ Samsung ‘The Frame’ Smart TV for $900 (down from $1,000) to the largest size, the 85″ Samsung ‘The Frame’ Smart TV for $3,500 (down from $4,000).

In addition to the Frame TV, Samsung’s Galaxy 5 Watch is also on sale, priced at $280 with a free wall-mounted charging dock included. With the same top-notch Samsung design and technology, the Galaxy 5 Watch is an excellent option for anyone looking to get smarter about their body, sleep, and health, while still enjoying the Super Bowl sale.

In conclusion, Samsung’s Frame TV seems like an excellent investment for sports fans, especially with the discounts provided during Samsung’s Discover Event. If you are a sports fan looking for a TV to watch NFL action, the Samsung Frame TV is something you shouldn’t miss.

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