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Simison, Mayor of Meridian, Highlights Growth in Capital, Mobility and Economy


Jun 2, 2023

Meridian Mayor Robert Simison recently gave his fourth State of the Union address at the Galaxy Event Center in Meridian. During the speech, Simison emphasized the city’s mobility, public safety, economy, and responsible growth. He started off by stating that the city is stronger than ever before, but there’s still more work to be done to achieve its vision. He highlighted the need for everyone to remember the community’s goal of becoming the best community in the West by 2035.

Simison then discussed the importance of safety and resources in the city, including adding school resource officers to elementary schools, expanding the fire department, opening new substations, and hiring new patrols. He also mentioned the need to invest in policies that support local police and the fight against drugs. Simison spoke about the need to have community gathering places, such as the expansion of Discovery Park and the addition of the Meridian Library South Branch and the North Meridian YMCA. He also talked about the possibility of updating the building codes to bring the height of the buildings in line with the city’s building requirements.

In terms of mobility, Simison acknowledged the transportation problem that residents have been complaining about, saying that the city has made great progress over the past three years to address this issue. He mentioned the Linder Road Viaduct project and the need for new transport routes, including autonomous on-demand transport services and fixed bus routes. He also spoke about resurfacing Eagle Road and the need to work on the speed of travel.

The Mayor then moved on to talk about the local economy, highlighting new developments like Top Golf, Kiln, Terry Reilly, and the need to expand Idaho State University. He also stressed the importance of responsible growth, making infill development downtown a top priority, and leveraging tools like urban renewal for infrastructure and road improvements.

Simison finished his speech by calling on Congress to fund education funds such as House Bill 292 and focus more on Main Street issues like education, transportation, and local businesses. He emphasized the need to build a peaceful, just, and prosperous Meridian where everyone feels at home and can enjoy the quality of life and great service that the community offers.

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