Small business shut down in the community

The Jackson Escape Room, one of Hub City’s top attractions, is entering its last day of business before closing. The adventure ends on Sunday, which gives people one final day to enjoy the experience. The Jackson Escape Room has been entertaining beginners to advanced players for years and offers the ultimate experience for thrill-seekers.

Jackson Escape Room’s room host, Aidan Despain, shares her fond memories of the place, saying that when she was younger, she used to come there and enjoy puzzles. Now, as an adult, she works there as an employee to share her joy with others. On the other hand, owner Lee Wilson talks about Jackson Escape Room’s influence, saying that it seems like a fun and interesting thing to do on weekends. However, it can make a significant difference in people’s lives and relationships, which surprises him the most.

According to Wilson, the escape room was initially meant to be a pop-up for a week to see if people were interested. It turned into three weeks, with approximately 2,500 people playing. Eight years later, it became a permanent attraction, with over 100,000 people playing the Jackson Escape Room. Therefore, Wilson wants to thank everyone for their support over the years, especially his staff, “But that’s not where the magic happens. Magic is the people. Magic is the hospitality. Magic is the team of people who love what they do. So we all want to bring The Jackson Escape Room to you. Thank you for making it available.”

Regarding what’s next for Wilson, he plans to start a candle business in downtown Jackson with his wife. For more local news, click here.

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