World record price of over $6,316 set by truffle-flavored ice cream.

The world’s most expensive ice cream is sold by Japanese ice cream brand Cerato, with a price tag of $6,316 per serving. This dessert called Midnight Sun is made with premium ingredients comprising of white truffle, Parmigiano Reggiano, edible gold leaf, and sake lees. The dessert, according to a Guinness World Records blog post, uses white truffles from Alba, Italy and costs about $14,500 per kilogram. It includes both European and Japanese ingredients, and the development took over 18 months, with many trials. The hard work paid off in achieving the Guinness World Records title, said a Cerato representative.

Cerato is planning to launch more products in the future, including champagne and caviar. A representative for Cerato did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment, which was made outside of normal business hours. In the past, Dubai’s Scoopy CafĂ© served what was thought to be the world’s most expensive ice cream, priced at $817 per serving. This ice cream included Italian truffles, as well as ambrosial Iranian saffron, and edible 23-karat gold flakes.

Overall, the world’s most expensive ice cream is a luxurious, premium dessert that uses rare ingredients to create a unique experience for its customers. Cerato’s Midnight Sun is a stunning example of how high-end ingredients can be transformed into a decadent dessert, setting itself apart from any other ice cream.

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