Car narrowly misses hitting Eagles’ WR AJ Brown during charity bike ride

The offseason can be a perilous time for NFL players, and AJ Brown learned this the hard way last Saturday. Brown, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, participated in the team’s annual Eagles Autism Challenge Race on a bike and decided to document the event on Instagram Live. However, as he spoke to the camera, a sudden movement and sound caused his cell phone to go flying.

Thankfully, Brown himself was unharmed, and he later tweeted that it was only his phone that fell to the ground. However, this incident highlights the risks that players take during the offseason when they are not monitored as closely as during the regular season. Some teams may even prohibit certain activities, such as basketball in the case of the Cleveland Browns and Myles Garrett.

While riding a bicycle may seem like a harmless activity, even at a charity event, it is still important for players to exercise caution. The Eagles are unlikely to ban Brown from riding his bike again, especially since the near miss occurred at a team charity event. However, it is not advisable for players, or anyone for that matter, to pull out their phone and record a video while actively riding a bicycle.

Despite this scare, Brown is already looking ahead to the upcoming season and appears to be gearing up for a Week 9 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.

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