Medical Tourism Helps Couple Establish Rental Business in Rochester.

Nogo Homes is a successful business that offers short-term and vacation rentals. Its slogan reads, “I don’t want to go home when I’m at home.” The company is owned by Becca Stiles-Nogosek and Taylor Nogosek, a married couple who first met at the Academy of Arts High School in Rochester, Minnesota. They started dating in 2005 and have been together for nearly 17 years.

Becca and Taylor launched Nogo Homes in 2019 with the intention of making some extra money from their four-car garage, which they converted into a guest house. As the demand for their rentals grew, they realized they had stumbled onto something lucrative. They expanded their business and now manage rentals in Rochester, Spring Grove, Newburgh, Lewiston, and Winona.

Becca used to work in non-profit events and fundraising, but the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed her career. She saw an opportunity to turn her side hustle into a full-time gig and now manages Nogo Homes’ properties with her husband.

Many of the properties Nogo Homes manages are located in Rochester and cater to medical tourism. However, they also have traditional vacation rentals, like the three-bedroom Below The Bluff property in Lewiston, which accommodates up to ten people. The rental offers guests access to ATV trails, a trout creek, and a fountain well.

As a married team, working together has its advantages and drawbacks. Becca focuses on marketing, communications, and customer service, while Taylor handles home maintenance, city ordinances, and property development. They evaluate new properties based on their suitability for guests, which influences design choices and pricing.

Nogo Homes boasts a 70% rental property occupancy in 2022, 7.5% higher than similar listings in Southern Minnesota and nearly 40% higher than the national average. While the couple faces challenges in finding time for vacations, they have found a way to complement each other’s skills and build a profitable business. Becca hopes to expand the consulting side of the business and share her knowledge and expertise with others.

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