“Northern Community Tour: A Great Opportunity for Aspiring Small Business Owners” | News, Sports, Jobs

The North Country Center for Business in Transition Partnership, a regional organization dedicated to supporting small businesses in upstate New York, has launched a new program to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn more about running a business in local communities. The program, known as the Familiarization Tours program, aims to introduce potential business owners to the local business community, economic development organizations, and the natural, recreational, and cultural assets of the North Country region.

Participants in the program will explore Franklin County and surrounding North Country counties, visit businesses that are currently for sale, and work with representatives from chambers of commerce and economic development organizations. The program can be customized to suit each participant’s unique interests and is partially or fully subsidized for eligible applicants.

According to Daniel Delaney, Adirondack North Country Association Entrepreneurial Economy Program Director, the program is designed to help participants build connections and gain insights that would normally take months to develop. The program aims to welcome 40 to 60 aspiring business owners to select North Country tours in 2023, providing free or partial funding from the National Grid and the Franklin County Government Economic Development Authority.

Jenna Lorraine, Lewis County economic development director for programs and partnerships and one of 12 CBIT community liaisons based throughout the North, said tour participants will receive professional services and business support professionals during their trip. This includes help in building buyer profiles, creating business plans, and accessing flexible financing opportunities.

Since its launch in 2018, the Transition Business Center program has assisted in 37 successful ownership transitions in upstate New York. The program aims to connect potential buyers with existing businesses and provide access to planning tools and existing services to help local businesses grow. In addition to Franklin County Economic Development Corporation and Adirondack Park Agency Economic Services, partners include Essex County Industrial Development Authority, Hamilton County Economic Development, Ti-Alliance, and Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce. Those interested in learning more about the program can visit bit.ly/CBITtour or contact transitions@adirondack.org.

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