War Thunder backtracks on economic changes following negative Steam reviews

War Thunder is a free-to-play game that offers naval, aviation, and tank gameplay. Recently, the game’s in-game economy underwent changes that received a lot of negative reviews from the player base. These changes made it difficult for players to progress in the game without spending real money. Gaijin, the game’s developer and publisher, had plans to implement changes to the economy that granted Silver Lion (SL) currency, but players needed to pay real money to progress in the game.

Players became outraged and disillusioned with the reduction in Silver Lions and Research Points already earned in the game. Many reviews posted on Steam were overwhelmingly negative, and long-time players expressed their concerns about the game’s economic changes. They felt that even premium accounts weren’t enough to comfortably progress through the game, and that they needed to buy premium vehicles in all countries.

In response to player feedback, Gaijin cancelled the planned changes and decided to conduct a survey to gather opinions from players. However, Gaijin’s creative director wrote an article about how the free-to-play game’s economy works, which players criticised for not addressing the issues they faced with War Thunder’s economy.

Gaijin has since changed how War Thunder operates its economy, but the exact changes are unknown at this time. Nonetheless, players can anticipate more changes to come. While waiting for updates, they can check out other WWII-themed games or explore the best free Steam games available.

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