Thursday’s Business Headlines on WISH-TV: Indianapolis News and Indiana Weather Updates

US drug shortages are reaching record highs, which has led to rationing. The lack of cancer drugs is particularly concerning as it has raised questions about the struggling generic drug industry. Other prescription drugs, such as those used to treat ADHD, are also in short supply. Both Congress and the White House are exploring possible solutions to address this broad supply problem.

Uber has launched a new family program that is aimed at attracting a new generation of teen users. Parents and caregivers can set up a family profile, link multiple Uber accounts, pay for rides and deliveries, and send invitations to children aged between 13 and 17 to create an account that will be monitored on the family profile.

Elon Musk has indicated that Twitter plans to rehire some of its laid-off staff, stating that some of the employees who were let go “should not be cut.” Twitter’s workforce has been reduced by around 90% since Musk first took over in October.

Amazon Prime has signed a multi-year deal with the Professional Pickleball Association that will allow users to stream coverage of four pickleball tournaments per year. The broadcast begins with a four-day tournament on Thursday, and more than 20 tournaments on the PPA Tour will be available on various platforms by 2023.

According to a new study from Playsee, more than half of Gen Z uses social media as a search engine instead of Google or Microsoft Bing. The study highlights the age group’s preference for video results when searching on social media, with 54% saying that they look for video content when searching for reviews of products, recipes, and more.

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